Friday, July 26, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Emperor's Wrath

It's been awhile since i wrote. The reason i didnt keep up with it was because my time was limited and its either write or play. So of course i've been playing. I made it all the way to lvl 55 and complete the hutt cartel expansion. When i had to defeat darth baras, he was pretty tough. I tried to kill him a bunch of times and kept dying so i went and upgraded my armor and was able to defeat him then. I started playing Illum and got stuck on admiral shai. He kept putting a heal block on me so i kept dying. So i waited till i was lvl 55 and went back and killed him. I realize most people have been able to kill him around lvl 50 and that's great but its a pain to keep dying and having to repair my armor. I tried to avoid groups because i like to solo and i dont always have time to be in a group. Anyway, after Illum, i finished off Makeb. I had to get help with the archon. I know its possible to solo him but it cost me 40k just to repair armor and its not worth to keep spending that much. So i asked for help in my guild and my guild leader helped. At first, we kept trying to kill the droids and then attack the archon. We weren't doing good. After i died again, i just went up to it and just kept hitting me while she was taking out the droids. We killed it pretty fast then. So now i'm completely done with story line of the game. My next goal is to work on dailies and get rich. Maybe do some flashpoints here and there. I started doing dailies earlier this week and i went from 70k to 300k in short time. I only did 2 planets too. So thats pretty cool. I'm happy that i finally completely got through the game. Most people, it takes about a month or less if there brand new. I started in april and its july. The reason for that is because i get maybe an average of 2 hours a day. Very seldom i get a full day to play. I'm glad that i took my time though because it gives me something to look forward too and i'm not getting bored with. I want to start working on other characters too. I already started working on an assassin, i will post about that in my next log. I plan to do a marauder and a sorcerer too. I'm not sure if i will go with bounty hunter and imperial agent. I like hitting stuff with a light saber but we'll see. Well that is all for now. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Uniform

In this pic, i dyed my eradicator suit and my helmet. Looks pretty cool.