Sunday, April 28, 2013

Madtragg's log 29Apr13

Over the last few days I managed to make it to level 19. I'm now on the planet Balmore and at the point where I need to fight Commander Rylon. I tried to fight him at level 18 but he was too strong with the fire attack. I did some research and some people have been able to kill him at level 19 so I will give that a try when I get a chance. I was able to save up enough money and I got a speeder. Which is really nice to have. Took me awhile because I kept having to spend credits on medipacs and skill upgrades. I'm thinking about make another character just so I can mail credits too for money storage so I 'm not touching it. Apparently there is nowhere to deposit credits. I also played with my coworker the other night and he helped me get a datacron on balmore. Its the one that gives +2 strength. So that was pretty cool. So far i'm still making dark decisions so no more light ones getting in my way. I was also just messing around and went back to korriban just to see how strong I am. I can kill anything with one hit. I did the heroic mission with the massive amount of slugs and killed them all. Of course I didn't get much experience from it but that's ok.  That is all for today.  Will try to make weekly updates.

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