Friday, April 26, 2013

A New Sith is born

Welcome to my blog. A quick background, I originally came from the mmo uncharted waters online, played that for 2 years. I then got tired of it and moved on to eve. I played eve for about 5 months and decided to quit. I gave SWOTR a try and got addicted right away. So I made a sith warrior named MADTRAGG. Like everyone else I started at the academy and worked for the overseer. Then Darth Baras asked me to kill the overseer and bring him his hand. So I had a choice of just cutting off his hand or killing him. I am true sith so I killed him. I then received my companion Vette, at first I was straight up mean too her and shocked her all the time with the shock collar. But when we got to the next planet dromound, I decided to free her from it. We then did some quests and the story line quest made it to level 15 and received my space ship. I made a few mistakes during the course of dromound of making light decisions. I wasn't aware that it could bite me later on so I immediately stopped making light decision. I think I will be ok from now on. I haven't made to many light decisions. My friend gave me a lot of tips on this game about the legacy tree and the datacrons. Once I get midlevel I will put on a search for those datacrons. Right now I just made it to level 16 and i'm on the next planet in the story line. I cant remember what its called. I'm trying to grind a lot more so when I leave the planet, I'll be ready for the next one. I'll try to post an update once a week to talk about my adventures. I plan to make more characters once I finish madtragg and have them continue my legacy. As for pvp in the game, I will probably get in to that once I get high level or next character. I heard its faster to level pvp but right now i'm just worried about doing the story line and learning about the game. Well that is all for now. Thanks for reading.

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